NDIS Advocacy

What is NDIS Advocacy?

There may be times when you don’t feel listened to or feel like decisions are being made for you without any consideration of your thoughts, feelings or opinions. This is where disability advocates and NDIS advocacy can play a vital role in helping you have a voice.

NDIA & Advocacy

Despite the fact that the NDIA aims to give people with disability more flexibility and control, disability advocacy services are just as important as ever. This is because power still resides largely with those groups implementing change – the government, the bureaucracy, and non-government service providers. Vigorous, individual advocacy is needed so that the views and aspirations of those upon whom these changes will have the most effect, your family members with disability, are heard and taken action on. Otherwise, decisions will continue to be made on their behalf.

How Can We Help?

Our NDIS appeals advocates may assist and support people by:

  • Explaining the internal review process, including what is involved with pursuing an appeal to the AAT
  • Assisting with the preparation of the required documents
  • Providing advice and skills so the person who is lodging the review or appeal can better represent themselves
    Attending AAT conferences and hearings to help the person to put their case to the AAT.

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